The 5W’s of Direct Mail Series: Who to Mail?

Once you have decided to move forward with direct mail, the first step is deciding who should receive the outstanding letter you will write. If you’re not convinced yet, go read the first post in this series Why Mail?, and meet us back here. Mail everyone who has a connection with your organization. If youContinue reading “The 5W’s of Direct Mail Series: Who to Mail?”

5W’s of Direct Mail Series: Why Mail?

  If your organization is new to fundraising, direct mail may sound overwhelming. There are so many steps to doing it effectively, not to mention the cost of printing and mailing. This blog series will break down the large topic of direct mail over five posts and give you the information you need to makeContinue reading “5W’s of Direct Mail Series: Why Mail?”

Before Receiving your First Donation

If fundraising falls under “other duties as assigned” in your job description, and you are overwhelmed at the prospect of getting started, here are some things to think about before receiving your first gift. Receiving Gifts You are on the brink of learning how to create a successful fundraising program, and when you do, theContinue reading “Before Receiving your First Donation”

Integrating Communications and Development Strategies

Hello everyone! I am blogging from Waters of Grace, the National Camp Gathering in Palestine, TX. This week has been full of amazing workshops and presentations led by camp people from all over the country. Today, I got to join this esteemed group and lead a workshop of my own called Integrating Communications and DevelopmentContinue reading “Integrating Communications and Development Strategies”