Strategic Planning Section 3: How We Will Get There

Earlier in this series we discussed the first two parts of a strategic plan—who we are and who we want to become. We worked to write our vision statement and align our mission, core values and goals to the vision. We evaluated current activities and programs under new smart goals and brainstormed new timelines toContinue reading “Strategic Planning Section 3: How We Will Get There”

Strategic Plan Section 1: Who We Are

Do you spend a lot of time being reactive instead of proactive? Does your board or leadership have trouble communicating the goals of your organization? Do well-meaning donors or friends suggest programming that doesn’t quite fit, but rejecting their idea puts you in a sticky spot?

You need a strategic plan.

This post will cover an in-depth guide to developing the first section. For an overview of the three parts.

What is a Strategic Plan and Why You Need One

A vision for the future changes the way we think about allocating resources. As camps and retreat ministries, we all face limited time and money, and we make the best decisions we can with what we have. A strategic plan enables us make those decisions more strategically, keeping the goals and vision in mind.