Cabin 9 Consulting has had the pleasure of presenting several workshops at conferences and working with clients to design their own. Take a closer look at some of the things we have helped them accomplish.

Outdoor Ministry Connection: RelationShift
Lake Junaleska, NC | 2019

Do you spend a lot of time being reactive instead of proactive? Does your board or leadership have trouble communicating the goals of your organization? Do well-meaning donors or friends suggest programming that doesn’t quite fit, but rejecting their idea puts you in a sticky spot?

This workshop will walk you through the process of creating a strategic plan that will improve your organization’s focus, efficiency and impact.

Presented at Outdoor Ministry Connection: RelationShift
Lake Junaleska, NC | 2019

Have you found yourself in a funding gap? Have your funding sources changed or are no longer sufficient to support your vision?

This workshop will teach you how to start with what you have today to build an annual fund that will support your vision for your organization today and in the future.

United Methodist Camp & Retreat Ministries: National Gathering
Palestine, TX | 2017

In the non-profit space, we all wear multiple hats. If fundraising is just one of many roles on your plate, explore Integrating Communications and Development Strategies to learn how to work smarter by incorporating development messaging into your regular work.

Presented at Women in Camp Summit
St. Charles, IL | 2019

In the non-profit space we talk about an organization’s strategic plan as a guiding document to ensure the organization stays on true to its mission and purpose. How often do we stop to consider if the decisions we are making move us closer to or further away from our ultimate goal? This workshop is a step by step guide to creating a personal strategic plan to better align the busy-ness in your life with your mission, vision, values and ultimate goals to keep from burnout.

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